The company CONCIPIA GmbH

Our philosophy

„Where our customer stands is the top of the world for us“

Our motto is not just lip service for us, it is lived in practice day after day. You are the top priority for all members of the team, starting with the management through to your personal contact partners. This is also evident from the rapid development that CONCIPIA GmbH has seen since it was founded in 2000.

CONCIPIA – The company

The CONCIPIA GmbH is an established system house in the heart of Germany, operating regionally and nationally. Founded in 2000 by ex-pilot of the government's squadron Ralf Leibmann, the solutions of CONCIPIA GmbH stand for security and stability.

Thanks to the company's innovative power the CONCIPIA GmbH can be counted among the leading companies in Germany in particular in the field of security management. The CONCIPIA-SecurityGUARD® stands for diverse components that the CONCIPIA GmbH, as managed security service provider (MSSP), uses successfully at its customers.

Customer-oriented IT solutions

The CONCIPIA GmbH offers tailored IT solutions for companies of any size. Concepts are individually adapted to customer requirements, offering you solutions at the highest technical and economic standard. And the customer additionally benefits from many years of experience and market presence.

The focus of the product portfolio are managed services – like the CONCIPIA-SecurityGUAR® - networking and consulting.

Strategic orientation

The strategic orientation of CONCIPIA GmbH is continuously adapted to customer requirements and market conditions. A fast moving industry like information technology requires extremely short integration phases. Customers enjoy individual care and consultancy for their IT infrastructure. During this, the latest technologies are always critically reviewed in terms of their suitability for use.

Qualified staff

Certified system engineers and experienced consultants form the basis of an effective team. Many years of experience and the know-how of its staff represent the capital of CONCIPIA GmbH. This is constantly provided for the customer in its entire organisation.

Six Sigma Company

The CONCIPIA GmbH follows the quality management principles of „Six Sigma“ straightforwardly. This complex quality control tool directly identifies even the smallest deviations from the desired target, which is definitely 100% for CONCIPIA GmbH. Any deviations that have clearly been identified by Six Sigma are analysed directly and their future recurrence is eliminated through adaptations of checklists, manuals, to-do lists, etc. Controlling of even the smallest processes and projects guarantees continuous improvement of the procedures.

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Strong partners

The CONCIPIA GmbH cultivates the intensive cooperation with its partners. These include large groups such as Microsoft, SonicWALL, IBM, etc, and also the wide field of the distributors. An army of small and specialised solution providers makes sure that CONCIPIA GmbH can professionally fulfil even very special customer requirements.

In the times of the most complex IT components, the era of the „all-rounders“ and „one man shows“ is gone forever. Nobody can offer all IT requirements with a maximum of quality. To achieve this, the CONCIPIA GmbH relies on specialisation of its own staff and a personnel network of external specialists and solution providers.

Trusting references

The extensive clientele from a variety of industries represents the best references for the quality and services of CONCIPIA GmbH. The clear goal is to develop a long-term trusting partnership. Since IT is a core component within businesses and authorities, the level of trust is the measure of satisfaction of the customers.

Customer locations

The current area of operation of the CONCIPIA GmbH extends throughout Europe. The locations of our customers extend from Moscow to Utrecht and from Flensburg to Zurich. This geographically large area of operation of the CONCIPIA GmbH is possible because of intelligent monitoring systems and stable infrastructures.

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