Network antivirus and anti-spyware

Protection against viruses, spyware and other malicious code has never been as important and as difficult as it is today.

Are you aware of the fact that, at present, more than 220,000 types of malicious program codes are known that might pose a threat to you via the Internet?

Port and interface security

A large part of the security problems can be found within the company environment.

Are you aware of the fact that 80% of all IT security violations and 70% of all data thefts take place inside the company?

Data medium encryption

Täglich werden Millionen mobiler Datenträger sowie Notebooks mit sensiblen Firmendaten außerhalb der Firma genutzt. Tausende dieser Datenträger gehen verloren oder werden gestohlen. Jeder Finder oder Dieb hat nun Zugriff auf die genannten Daten und kann diese Nutzen. Auch private Daten möchte niemand in den Händen von Dritten wissen.


Security certificates secure the authentication in the communication within the company, in particular for external communication. Secure your data transfer, logins, mail and server connections with a secure SSL certificate and increase the efficiency of your staff through convenient work worldwide.

Application security

The uncontrolled execution and use of applications and files poses an increasing problem for companies. Nowadays, the unknowing execution of malware and spy software results in enormous economic loss. Conventional antivirus solutions do not meet the requirements as they only react to virus attacks.