Email archiving

The professional archiving of emails is not just a question of meeting the legal regulations. What is much more important is the efficient storage and retrieval of electronic email traffic for the course of business. Time and again, „old“ emails are required to access earlier processes. Also for supporting any possible arrangements and for contracts and legal disputes it might be possible that the entire archiving infrastructure is amortised by the finding of one single email.

The benefits in brief:

  • Facilitates quick access to emails in line with the requirements to reveal a specific communication (eDiscovery), to meet compliance requirements, for internal auditing at the company, or for monitoring staff correspondence
  • Offers security in the event of legal disputes with customers
  • Provides a monitoring functionality to guarantee the authenticity and integrity of archived emails
  • Permits complete, secure and efficient archiving of all company emails, thus ensuring easy discovery and quick retrieval of messages
  • Offers an extended email search function and storage of search requests
  • Supports the reduction of the message store, thus reducing the load on the exchange message store and increasing exchange server performance
  • Allows for the archiving of old, current and future emails in one or several databases – complex securing of the PST files of every single staff PC is no longer required
  • Offers intuitive configuration and differentiated guidelines for email storage
  • Allows users access to archived messages conveniently from Microsoft Outlook or via web interface
  • Permits on-demand retrieval of old and deleted emails – including complete discussion thread