The CONCIPIA-SpamGUARD uses one of the most effective systems to prevent spam and malicious code via email traffic. The system is offered in two versions. On the one hand, by appliance at the customer on site, on the other hand as re-routing system via the CONCIPIA security centre. The impressively high recognition rate of almost 100% for spam and a near-zero false-positive rate are unique.

The calculation example demonstrates the high benefit of an efficient anti-spam system, like the CONCIPIA-SpamGUARD.

Your benefits

  • Improved productivity of the staff and cost savings
  • Reduced risk to malicious code
  • Protection against IM risks before these can reach your network or mobile users
  • Cost-effective managed service – no hardware, software or maintenance required
  • Easiest administration for the users
  • Almost 100% detection of spam mails from day one
  • Almost 0% false positive
  • Reliable protection against and detection of phishing mails
  • Additional protection against worms, trojans and viruses by multiple stage process
  • A global analysis network updates the filter database (including Asia and Africa)
  • Combination of a wide variety of filtering techniques (Baysch filter, RBL, database, etc.)
  • Excellent support by specialised system technicians

    This is better than conventional solutions

  • Considerable bandwidth saving as only regular mails are loaded
  • Always the latest updated scanning techniques are used
  • Extremely high availability through diverse redundancies
  • Database and mail server stationed in Germany
  • No performance loss and no load on the memory of the servers and clients because of spam processing
  • No costs for procurement and support for internal infrastructures
  • No risk by directory harvest attacks (DHA)
  • Reduced and fixed budget
  • Very fast configuration and implementation
  • No business risks through hardware failure
  • No training for internal staff