In addition to the comprehensive reporting of the CONCIPIA-SecurityGUARD® particularly the CONCIPIA-ContentGUARD helps to avoid work time loss as a result of unnecessary Internet surfing at the workplace. It also protects the parties responsible against prosecution since violations due to illegal use of the Internet are prevented.

Savings achieved with the CONCIPIA-ContentGUARD

The technology

More than 60 dynamic filters that can be assigned to individual users or entire groups of the companies make sure that only those contents are displayed that are necessary for the staff member and for exercising his/her work. Simple, static content filters no longer meet the high requirements of an Internet with several hundreds of millions of websites.

The CONCIPIA-ContentGUARD is based on a comprehensive database that is continuously updated by a server farm of a computer centre. Every day, several millions of Internet sites are scanned, indexed and are allocated to the pre-determined filters. When the user accesses a website, this index is queried in fractions of a second and the user is either legitimised or rejected.