Desaster Recovery

…if something happens after all

Your data are among the most important components of your company. Fast availability, security and consistence are what count. Professional data securing and desaster recovery strategy are crucial. Under extreme circumstances, the loss of data stock may ruin a company. Unavailable systems may result in high losses as staff cannot be used productively without access to the system.

The consequences of fire, water damage, theft, extreme voltage peaks, etc. are frequently not considered at all. The lack of desaster recovery tests makes the responsible parties believe in a security that does not exist. Restricted back up systems normally do not allow for complete system recovery. On the other hand, investment is often made in complex redundant infrastructures where the costs are out of all proportion to the benefit. In this case, the desaster recovery strategy offers a professional solution for a clear budget.

In addition, external departments increasingly demand stability and security of the IT infrastructure and assess the company based on these (Oxley, Basel II, ISO standard, etc.)

The plans can be scaled in such a manner that they can be used for smallest companies with only a few computers and also for infrastructures comprising several hundred systems.

Risk analysis

  • Analysis of the cost risk of individual IT modules and/or the entire structure for the company
  • Definition of the failure risk of the different IT solutions
  • Short-, medium- and long-term budget planning

Desaster recovery strategy

  • Development of the desaster recovery strategy based on the facts gained in the risk analysis
  • Consideration of hardware, software, industry solutions, telecommunication and security installations
  • Implementation of the strategy and configuration of the modules
  • Test of the functionality of individual modules or of the entire plan
  • Documentation and preparation for the functional staff
  • Adapted documentation for audits, certifications, insurances, etc.